Ce blog pour montrer quelques photos en vitrine, commencer à publier une image par jour (ou presque). Plus seulement les prendre pour moi, mais aussi les montrer, les regarder, les garder. Passer du monde restreint, anonyme et donc sécurisant de flickr à celui des mes relations.

Je suis juste quelqu’un qui aime la photo, aime photographier.

A bit of history

I started when i was a kid with a pentax given by my stepfather, then a nikon f90,

With the beginning of digital, I started to shoot my newborns all the time and I kept the pictures on my computer, safe from any views.

Too many pictures

I looked at my babies most of the time through the hole of a camera instead of the heart.

So I quit shooting for a long time.

I started again 4 years ago, when I needed to look around me, out of myself. When i start thinking about my blindfoldness to anything except work and kids.

With some king of challenge with my neighbor, holding his Contax g2 I had to take one picture per day, only. On film per month. Lighter than the Nikon, I could kept the Contax in my purse.

It was like getting back to tasting what I shoot, enjoying the longing of a month to see that i’ve made dump or a picture I like. And liking even the picture though it was obviously not a good one! Liking the obvious defects better than the « flat » good, perfect digital image.


Anyway, i knew why i took the picture, whether it be of a scenery i liked, someone whose smile gave me strength and optimism, the light and the warmth of the sun, or of a simple object at home…because i could not find anything of interest during the day, or because i could not get an amazed view for the most simple things.

Street view

Why this blog ?

Now, i’m still using this camera, though it’s very old and uneasy to shoot (it blocks every time), and i am also found again of digital, with another flickr account. Both can not be mixed: process, texture, subject, treatment…very different.


With this blog, i try to reconcile both digital and analogue, i try to fell free of publishing one or more pictures illustrating my mood, and even better, uplifting my mood on a « loosy » gloomy  day thanks to a nice lighting, a lively street scenery, a simple handmade object.


In addition to this « actu » i want to take the opportunity to work on longer projects published on the blog. Some ideas dying in my mind, waiting for one to settle down in my imagination, to be transformed into a concrete work


Were am i going with this new adventure? I do not know yet. I wish i would but i don’t. It’s like foggy all around me currently, a vague path or a river showing a direction, not an objective. I have not set any objective by the way.

What about me ?

If you are here first and foremost : thank you for coming. I hope, i wish that you visit further the blog and come again.

Maybe you would like to add a comment? Feel free, the more we interact, the better the creation could be.

And first and foremost, enjoy